Welcome to the Cookie Revolution!

We create baked goods that are satisfying and delicious -- and have a healthy balance of Omega-3s and Omega-6s in every bite! Our  Breakfast Cookies are a complete and satisfying breakfast or snack to-go -- with 2 grams omega-3s! 
Available at Oren's Daily Roast; Whole Foods Market (Upper West Side, Tribeca, Darien, Greenwich) Westerly Natural Market and many other locations 
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"They taste just like they've been baked at home," Ashleigh Collins
"The perfect mini-meal," Anne Selden
You don't have to know anything about Omega- 3s to enjoy Susie's Smart Cookies and Breakfast Cookies, but if you're hungry for more, please visit: About Omega-3s. 
Omega-3 tip of the day:
Have a source of omega-3s -- and not too many omega-6s -- at every meal. Your enzymes will do the rest!