Susie's Smart Breakfast Cookies can be a great dessert too!

Posted on September 16, 2015 by Susie Allport | 0 Comments

In a pinch the other day, Michele put her favorite chocolate sauce on a Gingered Apple Breakfast Cookie and served it for dessert. It was a big hit -- so we started thinking of all the ways that one can use the Breakfast Cookies -- at times other than breakfast. Here, the Cocoa Breakfast Cookie is crumbled and toasted and served over lemon ice cream with raspberries. One Breakfast Cookie will serve 4-6 in this way. Other suggestions will follow (including the recipe for the chocolate sauce), and we'd love to hear about any ideas that you come up with. Salut.

A new way of adding Omega-3s to your holiday meals!

Susie's Smart Cookie and Cibo Express Gourmet Markets

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