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Susie's Story

Susie started baking omega-3 rich cookies for her family shortly after writing The Queen Of Fats, a history of the omega-3 fatty acid research (University of California Press, 2006). She used the fact that flax seed meal, walnuts, and canola oil are rich in omega-3s to adapt  favorite family recipes. Soon friends were asking her for her delicious and satisfying treats. Thus a science writer became a baker, and Susie's Smart Cookie was born.
Susie is especially proud of the fact that her Breakfast Cookies are a sustainable way for people to get their Omega-3s (since there aren't enough fish in the ocean for people to get their Omega-3s from fish alone). We need foods with a healthy balance of Omega-3s and Omega-6s -- such as Susie's Smart Breakfast Cookie -- to boost our Omega-3s in a way that makes sense for our fisheries and the planet..


   The journal Nature calls The Queen of Fats "clearly reasoned".
    Mehmet Oz says it is "a must-read for discerning (and healthy) readers".
    Michael Pollan calls is, "A fascinating nutritional detective story."
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