Susie's Smart Breakfast Cookie Diet

The Breakfast Cookie Diet: 1 cookie for breakfast and 1 for lunch; followed by a sensible dinner. 
(Control your weight while you boost your Omega 3s!) 


1 Susie's Smart Breakfast Cookie (warm or at room temperature) 

Piece of fruit – banana, peach etc. 

Coffee, tea – unsweetened; low fat milk, if desired 


1 Susie's Smart Breakfast Cookie plus: 

1 bowl of broth or vegetable based soup such as gazpacho, cucumber, tomato (i.e. soups w. little cream or meat) or 1 serving yogurt with fruit (2% or non fat).

Snacks: Fresh fruits or raw veggies, the occasional Lungstrom wild rice cake or Mary's Gone crackers. 

Sensible Dinner: 

Serving size (6 oz) of broiled, grilled, or sauteed fish (salmon is great but any fish will do except catfish and tilapia) or grass-fed steak or lamb from New Zealand or Australia or two Omega-3 eggs or chicken. Because most chicken isn't free-range, be sure to prepare any chicken you make with canola oil.

Brown or Wild rice or Potato (boiled or baked). 

Vegetables, steamed or sauteed with canola oil or salad prepared with a light, canola oil dressing or the dressing below 

Fruit, if desired, or a small handful of walnuts and raisins for dessert. Toasted walnuts may be added to the salad. 

Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day! If you're looking to lose weight, please avoid alcohol. If you're just looking to boost your Omega-3s, you could have a glass of wine or beer with dinner.

Cooking oils/fats: 

100% CANOLA OIL. The more you use 100% canola oil in this plan, the more effective this is and the more you will boost your Omega-3s. For those who don't like canola oil, use a half and half mixture of canola and a high quality olive oil, making sure that both are fresh, i.e. not rancid. If you are concerned about processed oils, please choose an expeller-pressed canola oil. If you use any butter, please use the grass-fed butter from Ireland (Kerry) or New Zealand (Anchor). Please avoid "High-heat" canola oils since these have lesser amounts of omega-3s.

A very simple dressing to make: 1 tsp Dijon mustard beaten w. 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Drizzle in 2 tablespoons of canola or 1 tablespoon canola and 1 tablespoon olive oil. Add pepper to taste.

Other tips:

The more weight you'd like to lose, the more you should choose non-fat over 2% milk and yogurt. 

The Orange Cranberry Nut Breakfast Cookie has slightly more calories than the other three flavors so if you are looking to lose the most weight, please choose the Gingered Apple, Banana Coconut, and Cocoa Breakfast Cookies for this diet.

If you feel you are craving protein on this plan, add a hard boiled egg to your lunch or breakfast. The egg should be an Omega-3 egg, of course, with 250-350 milligrams of Omega-3s/egg. 

Please note: This plan may not be suitable for persons with Type I or Type II Diabetes. If you have diabetes and are interested in trying the Breakfast Cookies, we suggest that you start with half a Breakfast Cookie -- and eat the second half a few hours later.





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