Raves and Reviews

"What amazing cookies! I love them and they carried me through some hungry times over the last...nine months. Sometimes it was hard to find a healthy instant mini meal, and the cookies were perfect." Anne Selden, new mom, Brooklyn, NY

"Your Breakfast Cookies are a pregnant woman's best friend," M.E. Kirwan, Minneapolis, MN

"I love the Gingered Apple Breakfast Cookie. Yum Yum," Barbara Russell, NY, NY

"I have been going to the Whole Foods in Tribecca to stock up on Susie's Smart Cookie- it's the perfect breakfast especially when I don't have time for breakfast before work!  Jacqueline Leng

"I am totally addicted to your cookies. They are the only sweets that I can eat and not want to eat more right away. They are very satisfying! " Cary Ridder, Washington, DC

"Finally, a cookie I can give my children and feel good about it." Chris Miller, New Canaan, CT

"After 3 days of having 1 cookie for breakfast, my baby's cradle cap had gone away. After 7 days, his baby acne. No joke! So now I have the cutest baby ever and you to thank." Chloe Warner, San Francisco, CA

"I'm insane for your Breakfast Cookies. The mouthfeel is incredible."  Jo Ann Zylos, Danbury, CT 

" I'm convinced your cookies played a role in helping me finish the Tough Mudder Tri State on Saturday in 3hrs and 47seconds! It helped me sustain my energy during the 3hr beatdown I experienced. Thanks very much for making such a wonderful product." Kevin DiStasio, TN 

"A delicious way to go from bed to shred," Eric Wright, snow board instructor, Lincoln, NH

"Thank you, Mrs. Susie. Your Banana Coconut cookie is awesome. When I tried it I was knocked out! Kids will like it because it is sweet, and parents will like it because it is nutritional. 10-year-old Jocelyn Campoverde, student .

"Your cookies are the perfect meal before my presentations," Liz Harmon, doctoral student.

"They taste just like they've been baked at home," Ashleigh Collins

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