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What are Omega-3s? And why are they so important?

What are omega-3s?
Omega-3s are one of two families of essential fats, i.e., those fats we cannot make ourselves and must consume in our diet. Omega-3s originate in green leaves (not fish, as many believe), and they accumulate in animals that eat green leaves -- including fish, which eat phytoplankton, the green leaves of the ocean. Omega-3s are highly concentrated in all our speediest tissues : eyes, brains, hearts, etc; but they're necessary for the optimal functioning of every cell and tissue in our body.

Where do Susie's Smart Cookies get their omega-3s from? 
The omega-3s in Susie's cookies are all natural and come from walnuts, flax, and canola: three seeds that happen to be rich in these fats. Most seeds are rich in a second family of essential fats: omega-6s, which compete with omega-3s for positions in cell membranes and which are the reason we're deficient in omega-3s. Because we consume so many seeds and so many seed -- or vegetable -- oils, the omega-3s in our diet don't have a chance of making it into our cells.

Are the omega-3s in Susie's Smart Cookies the long chain omega-3s that people talk about?

No, but they come from the same family and can be turned into those long-chain omega-3s -- DHA and EPA -- by enzymes in our bodies. Conversion  works best, though, when you have a healthy ratio of omega-6s to omega-3s -- no more than 4:1 -- in your diet. Susie's Smart Cookies have a  ratio of less than 3:1. When my daughter had a Breakfast Cookie every day for breakfast, for just 2 weeks, she upped the amount of DHA in her red blood cells by 25%! Her total Omega 3 Score went from 6.8 to 9.1.! This shows how effective the Breakfast Cookies are in boosting one's Omega-3s. What's also important is that the Breakfast Cookies are a sustainable way of doing this -- since there aren't enough fish in the ocean for us to get our Omega-3s from fish alone. We need to be eating foods -- like Susie's Smart Breakfast Cookies -- that have a healthy balance of Omega-6s and Omega 3s!

Learn more about omega-3s by visiting  or reading Susie's book The Queen of Fats. Susie also has a You Tube video  on the importance of omega-3s. You can also read her article on Omega-3s in Prevention Magazine. 



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