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Wholesale Inquiries

Susie's Smart Cookies have been flying out of coffee shops, delis, and bakeries. 
They are sold individually and come in a beautifully designed display box (shown below). 
"These cookies are selling like crazy!" Apogee Fitness, Bedford Hills, NY 
"I can't believe it. I need more cookies!" David Brenner of Northville Market, reordering after just one week. 
If you would like to order Susie's Smart Cookies for your store, 
please call or email Susie:
ph: 914.740.1007 
Some of the many locations that currently sell Susie's Smart Breakfast Cookie
Mrs. Green's Natural Markets 
Whole Foods (Columbus Circle, Tribeca, Portchester, Darien and Milford Ct.)  
Westerly Natural Market
Cibo Express in JFK, Laguardia, Newark and other locations