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Dear Friends,

I learned recently from Marie Viljoen, the innovative cookbook writer, that the buds of Norway maples, Acer platanoides, are edible when cooked. So, of course,I rushed out to try them. I decided to turn them into Norway maple "chips" by tossing them into a little canola oil and salt, them baking them at 275 degrees F for about 15 minutes.  The result were crunchy morsels that tasted like very much like artichokes. I sprinkled them on a beet salad; Marie recommends them in sandwiches to provide a little crunch.

Thank you, Marie, for this great tip. Norway maples are an invasive tree so one shouldn't feel the least guilty about harvesting its buds! And do I need to say that these buds will be super high in Omega-3s!

Happy Spring, Susie