article on the Susie's Smart Breakfast Cookie Diet in Woman's World Magazine

November 10, 2017

After querying us about the Breakfast Cookie Diet, Woman's World Magazine ran a great piece about the diet and Susie's Smart Cookie in its November 9th issue (on the stands now)

Here's a snippet from the article (please check out the whole piece in Woman's World Magazine):

Shalini Yassin, 36, discovered Susie’s
cookies at a health-food store. When she
started eating them for breakfast and
lunch, she whisked off a size in a week.
“I love, love, love the cookies. They’re
so moist and rich,” says the New York
bank manager. “And they really take my
cravings away. I feel less hungry overall
and I want far fewer sweets.” Reader
Anna DeHaven agrees. When she tested
the cookie diet, she dropped a quick
pound a day.

It's a fun article (thank you, Beth Weissman, for pulling it together), and it taught me a great deal about my own cookies! They really are an effective weight loss tool, as well as being a great breakfast to-go. One of the best things about using them as a diet tool is that you don't experience the sugar cravings you do on most diets.


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