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Learn where your Carbon offsets go!

March 02, 2021

Learn where your Carbon offsets go!

Dear Friends,

I was so excited to hear on National Public Radio last weekend that Shopify, which hosts our online site, is an investor in Running Tide, a Maine company that uses kelp to pull carbon out of the atmosphere and store it in the deep ocean. I've been an advocate of Running Tide's innovative systems ever since first hearing about them. The deep ocean then stores the kelp's embodied carbon for thousands to millions of years. 

As Running Tide notes, "This natural process has existed on Earth for millions of years."  They are just accelerating it.  And because the ocean covers 71% of the Earth's surface, growing kelp and sinking it in the ocean is a low-cost carbon sequestration solution that is easily scalable.

You can read more about Running Tide's projects at www.runnning

And you can read more about Shopify's investments at:

After hearing about Shopify's support of Running Tide, I decided to support Shopify by switching our Carbon Offset Program from Cloverly, which charged you, the customer, to Shopify's Offset, the expense of which Susie's Smart Cookie will cover.

So every time you order a box of our cookies, please know that you are connected to Running Tide's carbon-removal systems and to oceanic processes that have been occurring since the beginning of life on earth. 

Stay well,



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