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Make sure your cooking oils are fresh --i.e, NOT rancid

August 24, 2020

Make sure your cooking oils are fresh --i.e, NOT rancid

Hello Everyone,

I treated myself to a bottle of Walnut Oil during these crazy, shut-in times.

I guess I wanted to bring memories of summer salads in southern France alive.

What a mistake. I should have been suspicious since it was one of the only bottles of oils on the shelf. But I couldn't/didn't resist.

I opened it at home, anticipating a green salad with a  light, nutty dressing.

But my nose immediately told me that this expensive bottle of oil was off...rancid...not fit for consumption. Rancid oils contain free radicals that cause oxidative stress and induce damage at the cellular and molecular level, including damage to our DNA. Polyunsaturated oils (vegetable oils) are more prone to oxidation than saturated fats such as butter and lard. So be sure to keep your oils fresh by buying them in quantities small enough to use in a couple of months and keeping them away from direct heat and light.

Stay well and eat healthy,


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