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A very Happy New Year to you from Susie and her gang

January 03, 2020

A very Happy New Year to you from Susie and her gang

Happy New Year to you -- one of our valued customers. We hope it is a good year for you, a year, as they're saying, of perfect vision!

We've gotten emails over the holidays from customers who have successfully lost weight using our Breakfast Cookies but this email, from a very active customer -- Randy Birch -- who wonders if the cookies have helped him avoid knee surgery, we just had to share:

... the cessation of OA (osteoarthritis) in my right hip and knee could be due to my daily consumption of one of your smart cookies? Previously, I had an annual steroid injection in Oct for past two years to allow me to pheasant hunt w/o pain. No injection this year and I haven't had any pain despite kiteboarding about 30 times since August.

Maybe you can recommend your  cookie for older (I'm 68 and teach a HIIT spin class train w/ power meter, etc) active seniors who are considering a knee replacement (I have consulted w/ a Orthopod, etc), if the injection didn't work surgery would be next as I'd already used a ton of anti-inflammatories. I'm off the anti-inflammatories and no more injections, being extremely active (snowkited two days ago, etc.).


In a follow-up email, he says: A cookie a day keeps the knee surgery away.

Now, we have no way of knowing if the Breakfast Cookies, with their two grams of Omega-3s, have actually helped this snow-kiting customer, but then again, they couldn't hurt! We do know that the Breakfast Cookies are very effective at boosting the Omega-3s in our tissues and that higher levels Omega-3s help with many inflammatory conditions, including arthritis

BTW, this customer, pictured below with his surf kite, always orders Cocoa, which is Susie's favorite too! (And her grandsons' as well!)

A Happy, Healthy New Year to you all -- whether you are surf kiting or surfing the internet!

Warm wishes, Susie and Michele



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