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Creating beautiful, healthful summer appetizers from the garden

August 05, 2019

Creating beautiful, healthful summer appetizers from the garden

Usually, I love to stuff zucchini flowers in the summer, using a combination of ricotta cheese; egg; chives and salt and pepper, but Shamika Pandit, who does our graphics work, had just ordered fried zucchini blossoms at a restaurant and had loved their taste and presentation. So we wondered whether we could make this fried treat high in Omega-3s.

The basic batter recipe for frying zucchini blossoms calls for:

1/2  cup milk

1 cup flour

1 tsp baking powder

2 eggs 

1 teaspoon canola oil

salt and pepper to taste.

Oil for frying 

Beat together to make a thick batter. 

Immediately, I can see that by using Omega-3s eggs and canola oil for the batter -- and for frying, this recipe is already well balanced and pretty ideal. If you wanted to,  you could replace one or two tablespoons of the flour with ground flaxseed meal for extra Omega-3s; fiber; and taste.

Shamika and I fried up a bunch of the zucchini flowers, using a press to flatten the flowers as they browned. Delicious and beautiful. Then we wondered what else could benefit from this treatment and coated some green tomato slices; borage flowers and even some chanterelles that I had recently collected in the same batter, frying them up with the same treatment. The result was a tasty, elegant platter of fried summer offerings. I served them with a combo of mayo (canola mayo, of course) and cilantro pesto. But the flowers, especially, could be served with a sweet topping, such as jam or maple syrup. I couldn't wait to make them for my grandchildren, beginning, first, with a early morning trip to the garden.  


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