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Update on Teddy

February 08, 2024 1 Comment

Update on Teddy

Hello Everyone,

Some of you have been asking about Teddy. He's doing great but is so hard to capture in a photograph! Here's one with one of my grandsons and a couple of his naughty

moments and one with yours trully. Happy Spring! I saw two red-shouldered hawks flying overhead this morning so it is on its way.

Be well and Happy Valentine's Day to you.


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Molly Sauereisen
Molly Sauereisen

February 09, 2024

Oh oh he is delicious Susie… and the Corrie just wonderful.. my friend had 2 and one a therapy dog for children with reading difficulties! I am in Pine Cay looking at a picture of you!! Do come back! All Love molly

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