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Shipments of Susie's Smart Breakfast Cookies

April 27, 2020

Shipments of Susie's Smart Breakfast Cookies

Hello dear customers -- and I hope you are all continuing to stay well and practice your social distancing.

Michele learned that one of the cancer units at Memorial Sloan Kettering was recently turned into a Covid 19 unit. She has a friend who is a nurse there and told her that they were so busy, they had no time to eat. So now we're sending our Breakfast Cookies to Memorial Sloan Kettering, as well as New York Presbyterian and Northern Westchester Hospital Center on an "as needed" basis. It is the least we can do for the dedicated people who are protecting our health while risking theirs.

Again, please stay well -- and stay sane. We can get through this by working together.


Remember, if you need a supply of Breakfast Cookies during these unprecedented times, please use the Discount Code: CabinFever! to take 15% off your order.

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