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Sled Dogs need Omega-3s too!

January 05, 2022

Sled Dogs need Omega-3s too!

Dear Friends,

While Cross Country Skiing with my intrepid older sister in Colorado recently, I came across a dog sled operation with a total of 21 dogs. All were lean as could be -- and so energetic and healthy -- that I had to ask the owner what he fed his hard-working hounds. 

"Oil and a high-protein kibble," he replied.

But what oil, I persisted?


Of course! It had to be canola -- with its high Omega-3 content and healthy balance of Omega-3s and Omega-6s! Canola oil has such a bad rap out there (for so many misguided reasons, as I often point out), but it is the only seed oil that can correct our national Omega-3 deficiency. 

Fortunately, sled dogs are not able to read all the misinformation about canola that there is on the web. And so they can just experience its benefits. Their lean bodies and healthy coats are the living proof.  

If you were to do one thing to improve your diet this year, it would be to switch to a high-quality canola oil* for most of your cooking needs, saving your fragrant olive oil just for drizzling on foods and salads. You won't be able to taste the change, but your body will know it!

A Healthy and Happy New Year to you,

Susie and Michele



* I recommend an expeller-pressed canola such as the one we use in our Breakfast Cookies. Do not switch to "High-Heat" canola oil since this is made from seeds with reduced Omega-3s. 




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