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Taste of Spring: A Recipe for Watercress Soup

May 03, 2018

Taste of Spring: A Recipe for Watercress Soup

The warm weather means that the watercress season is over.

And so I celebrated this cold-weather green, the first green of the year, by making a pot of watercress soup. 

The recipe is very forgiving but basically calls for:

Two Idaho potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced

2-3 cups milk (or half milk and half chicken broth) -- enough to cover the potatoes as they simmer

1 peeled clove of garlic (to simmer along with the potatoes)

2 tsp salt

8 oz coarsely chopped watercress (about 6 cups).

Salt and pepper to taste.


Simmer the potatoes in the milk and broth and salt until thoroughly soft.

Add the chopped watercress and simmer until just tender (one-two minutes max).

Remove the garlic clove and puree until smooth. Adjust the seasonings and thin to the desired consistency with milk or broth.

Enjoy this taste of early spring. 

p.s. Here's the spring where I harvest my watercress.


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