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Breakfast to-go or effective diet aid? Here's the Press Release for the diet study!

May 16, 2018 1 Comment

Breakfast to-go or effective diet aid? Here's the Press Release for the diet study!

  Hello Everyone,

I'm thrilled to post here the Press Release for the diet study I've told you about. Please let me know if you'd like to see the full report. The Breakfast Cookies performed well, as you will see, boosting Omega-3s and promoting weight loss in two thirds of the participants. 


 Breakfast to-go or effective diet aid?

Susie’s Smart Breakfast Cookies are both!

 Katonah, NY (May 15, 2018): Susie’s Smart Breakfast Cookies, known to many as a delicious and satisfying breakfast to go, are also an effective weight-loss tool.

 This was shown in a clinical study in which 30 participants demonstrated a significant decrease in weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) by following the Susie’s Smart Breakfast Cookie Diet for 30 days. The diet (see below) consists, basically, of one Breakfast Cookie for breakfast; one Breakfast Cookie for lunch; followed by a sensible dinner, one that includes fish at least twice a week.

 Two thirds of the participants experienced significant weight loss and decrease in BMI on this diet over the course of the month. Their average weight loss was five pounds, with one individual losing 14.3 pounds (going from 153.9 to 139.6).  The BMI of that same individual fell 2.6 points (27.3 to 24.7); the average decrease in BMI was .79.

 Portion control and calorie restriction are two obvious reasons for the diet’s success. But Susie’s Smart  Breakfast Cookies also have two grams of  Omega-3s which are known to promote healthy weight in numerous ways (by improving insulin sensitivity, for example, and decreasing inflammation). Most importantly, they have a healthy balance of Omega-3s and Omega-6s, the two families of essential fats -- which means that the Omega-3s in the Breakfast Cookies will actually wind up in our cells.

 Participants in the trial did indeed experience an increase in their total Omega-3s by as much as 43% -- from 3.93 to 5.62. Long-chain Omega-3s, EPA and DHA, increased by as much as 56%, from 2.60 to 4.06.*

 Other reasons for the diet’s effectiveness are the fiber and whole grain content of the Breakfast Cookies which increase a person’s feeling of satiety – and their moderate sugar content, which helps to prevent sugar cravings, the undoing of most dieters’ attempts to lose weight. “I was not craving sweets;” “Haven’t had any cravings;” “Didn’t miss the sugar in my coffee,” were some of the comments from participants.

 Susie Allport, who created Susie’s Smart Breakfast Cookies after writing a history of the Omega-3 fatty acids, The Queen of Fat: Why Omega-3s were removed from the Western Diet and what we can do to replace them (University of California Press, 2006) had always told her customers not to worry about the sugar and calories in the Breakfast Cookies because they are intended to be a full, satisfying, nutritious meal (and most people need at least four hundred calories at breakfast). Now she is able to say that the Breakfast Cookies can actually be used for weight control and weight loss.

 In a post-study survey, most participants said they had fewer cravings after the 30 days; and 70% reported an improvement in general wellbeing. Over 75% said they would recommend the Breakfast Cookies to a friend.

 The  4-Week Clinical Study Evaluating the Influence of a Breakfast Cookie on Weight Loss  was conducted by International Research Services, Inc. in Portchester, NY. Blood samples were analyzed by Lipid Technologies in Austin, MN.


Michele Imperia

Susie Smart Cookie

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*Susie’s Smart Breakfast Cookies do not contain any long-chain Omega-3s: EPA and DHA. But they promote these Omega-3s because of their healthy balance of Omega-6s and Omega-3s, which allow the short-chain Omega-3s in the cookies (alpha linolenic acid) to be converted into EPA and DHA. Susie’s Smart Breakfast Cookies get their Omega-3s from ground flaxseed; non-GMO canola oil, and walnuts, three ingredients that are rich in alpha linolenic acid.




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sylvia mattena
sylvia mattena

July 25, 2019

Where do I find Nutrition Facts:
Calories, fats, sugar etc.

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