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Homage to the Cocoa Breakfast Cookie

January 04, 2021 1 Comment

Homage to the Cocoa Breakfast Cookie

Happy New Year dear Customers and Friends.  I hope you all stayed well over the holidays and had some special time with family -- virtually or in person.

I was able to see my grandsons and when I asked them, one morning, what they wanted for breakfast, all three shouted, "Chocolate Breakfast Cookie".

This is my favorite of our four flavors, but that opinion, I have to admit, is not widely shared. Perhaps that's because this Breakfast Cookie is modeled after a chocolate torte I once had at a hotel in Venice (back when we traveled and did other fun things). So I think of it as just the right amount of chocolate for breakfast -- but it is definitely not decadent.

However, that chocolate flavor can easily be intensified (without the addition of any calories) with 20 seconds in the microwave or by toasting in a toaster or oven. Or with a sprinkling of fancy salt. Or both, as my oldest grandson likes them. Only the youngest prefers them at room temperature. The middle asks for his to be toasted "at 6" (i.e., the 6 setting on the toaster.  You can't say they don't know their own minds.) 

With this little bit of extra treatment, the Cocoa Breakfast Cookies now taste more like a brownie -- but they still have the wholesomeness of all of our Breakfast Cookies. Why are they my grandsons' breakfast choice? You might say it's because they taste like a brownie, but I prefer to think it's because the Breakfast Cookie keeps them going in a way that most breakfast foods  do not.

In any case, I appreciate their good taste -- and tips -- and wish them -- and all of you -- a healthy and happy New Year,



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Tracey Toole
Tracey Toole

January 05, 2021

I never thought of toasting them so they taste like a brownie. Yum!

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