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More participant feedback from the Weight Loss Study

April 03, 2018 1 Comment

Forgive me for bragging but another thing that numerous participants in the Breakfast Cookie Weight Loss Study remarked upon was their lack of cravings during the 30 days.

"Not craving what my kids are eating," Alych C.

"No sweet cravings." Lisa M.

"Didn't need to put sugar in my coffee," Priscilla G.

"Curbed craving for sweets," Mari.

I was thrilled to hear these comments since that has been my experience as well --and cravings are the bugaboo of most diets.

The Breakfast Cookies contain enough sugar to control sweet cravings at the same time that they help to promote a healthy weight.  This diet is probably not appropriate for people with diabetes*, but for those looking for a healthy everyday diet or looking to lose pounds, it's an easy diet to stick to and has the added benefit of boosting one's Omega-3s! (More on that later!)




*People with diabetes who want to try the Breakfast Cookie Diet should first consult with their doctors and should break a cookie in half to see what effect that has on their blood sugar. 



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July 23, 2018

I am diabetic- type 2- the cookies don’t negatively impact my blood sugars. It does help because I drop pounds.

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