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A message from Susie at Susie's Smart Cookie

March 16, 2020 1 Comment

A message from Susie at Susie's Smart Cookie


 Dear Customers,

We hope you are staying healthy -- and sane -- during these uncertain times.

We just wanted you to know that the bakery that produces our Breakfast Cookies and Bites is located in New Hampshire and has strict health and safety standards. Lou and Lois, who run the bakery, used to be engineers with GE, and they seem to actually enjoy meeting and exceeding these standards. At this point, they do not anticipate any delays in their baking schedule.

Since you are already Susie's Smart Cookie customers,  you know how satisfying and delicious our Breakfast Cookies and Bites are. As we're all trying to do our part to slow down transmission of COVID-19, please also know that you do not need to go to the grocery store to stock up on these healthy, all-natural meal replacements. They can be delivered to your door at no extra cost to you. So you and your loved ones will have a convenient and healthy grab-and-go in these -- and any-- times.

Be well,

Susie and Michele



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Barbara hitchcock
Barbara hitchcock

April 15, 2020

Just got my first order. Got the sample pkg. Haven’t tried them all yet. Love the cranberry/orange.

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