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Progress Report from a Fan

July 08, 2020 1 Comment

Progress Report from a Fan

Hello Everyone -- and I hope you all had a happy fourth of July -- with plenty of hot dogs at just the right distance!

I had an exceptionally good weekend because I heard from a fan of Susie's Smart Cookie who has been on the Breakfast Cookie diet since the fall of 2017 when Woman's World first wrote about the cookies (and the diet) in their November 20th issue. The fan, Clarence Rife of Houston, Texas, a two-time heart patient, has gone from 280 to 206.5 pounds in those three years and says that he has never felt better. He said that all his doctors are impressed.

He thanked me "for making the best cookie ever" and for "keeping him alive for his grandchildren who are now three and one and a half". 

And I thank Clarence for taking the time to let us know about his success! 

But here's the funny thing. We didn't recognize Clarence as a customer, and it turns out that he isn't! He's been baking the Breakfast Cookies himself from the recipe that Woman's World asked us for when they ran the article.

So here's the recipe for all of you who would like to try it. Clarence's trick is that he bakes 36 -- or three batches -- at a time. I'll post a picture of Clarence as soon as he sends one.

And for all of you who would prefer the convenience of a packaged cookie, use the discount code: hatsofftoclarence to take 10% off your order.

Enjoy this strange Covid summer. Stay well and mask up,



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Debbie Nannini
Debbie Nannini

August 03, 2020

I want to start the Cookie Diet. I want delivered once a month 4 boxes of the Original Cranberry nut! Thank you! I know you have me Visa on file! Please call or text me that you received this email! Debbie Nannini 916 247-1514

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