Taste of Spring: A Recipe for Watercress Soup

Posted on May 03, 2018 by Susie Allport | 0 Comments

The warm weather means that the watercress season is over.

And so I celebrated this cold-weather green, the first green of the year, by making a pot of watercress soup. 

The recipe is very forgiving but basically calls for:

Two Idaho potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced

2-3 cups milk (or half milk and half chicken broth) -- enough to cover the potatoes as they simmer

1 peeled clove of garlic (to simmer along with the potatoes)

2 tsp salt

8 oz coarsely chopped watercress (about 6 cups).

Salt and pepper to taste.


Simmer the potatoes in the milk and broth and salt until thoroughly soft.

Add the chopped watercress and simmer until just tender (one-two minutes max).

Remove the garlic clove and puree until smooth. Adjust the seasonings and thin to the desired consistency with milk or broth.

Enjoy this taste of early spring. 

p.s. Here's the spring where I harvest my watercress.


Even more feedback from our Weight Loss Study -- including comments from one person who lost 14.3 pounds!

Posted on April 29, 2018 by Susie Allport | 1 Comment

I was finally able to speak with the person who lost the most weight on the Breakfast Cookie Diet: 14.3 pounds in 30 days!

She was in too great a hurry to be interviewed at the time of the study, but I was able to reach her by phone.

She told me the diet was "effortless because the cookies made her not hungry". Some days she exercised and some days she didn't. And like many of the participants, she didn't experience cravings.

During the 30 days, her Body Mass Index (BMI) also dropped from 27.3 to 24.7!

Not bad!

In the interest of full disclosure: I  also reached a participant who didn't lose weight -- but gained it instead. She assured me that she had followed the diet to the letter, and I have to believe her.

What I can honestly say to people who are considering the Breakfast Cookie Diet is that you'll know very quickly if the diet is going to work for you. If you follow the instructions on the website and do not lose a pound or two in the first week, it may not be the diet for you -- for whatever reasons. In the meantime, you've been consuming a healthy and nutritious baked good that is guaranteed to boost the omega-3s in your tissues. 

I'd love to hear from anyone who has tried the diet -- for a month, week or even a weekend. Please email me at

Best, Susie



More participant feedback from the Weight Loss Study

Posted on April 03, 2018 by Susie Allport | 1 Comment

Forgive me for bragging but another thing that numerous participants in the Breakfast Cookie Weight Loss Study remarked upon was their lack of cravings during the 30 days.

"Not craving what my kids are eating," Alych C.

"No sweet cravings." Lisa M.

"Didn't need to put sugar in my coffee," Priscilla G.

"Curbed craving for sweets," Mari.

I was thrilled to hear these comments since that has been my experience as well --and cravings are the bugaboo of most diets.

The Breakfast Cookies contain enough sugar to control sweet cravings at the same time that they help to promote a healthy weight.  This diet is probably not appropriate for people with diabetes*, but for those looking for a healthy everyday diet or looking to lose pounds, it's an easy diet to stick to and has the added benefit of boosting one's Omega-3s! (More on that later!)




*People with diabetes who want to try the Breakfast Cookie Diet should first consult with their doctors and should break a cookie in half to see what effect that has on their blood sugar. 



Weight Loss Study using the Susie's Smart Breakfast Cookie Diet

Posted on March 30, 2018 by Susie Allport | 0 Comments

After the article in Woman's World Magazine came out, I thought it might be interesting to measure the effectiveness of the Breakfast Cookie Diet -- on a more scientific basis.

And so I contacted IRSI, International Research Services, Inc., which set up a 30-day study of the Diet (as laid out on this site) using 30 participants.

I don't have the results yet but thought you might like to hear what some participants said on their last day:

It works. I'm living proof. It took the guesswork out of what I'm going to have for breakfast...what I'm going to have for lunch. Lisa M.

I loved it Love. Love Love Alych C.

I told all my friends that I had lost weight and wasn't hungry. Sarah U.

My skin cleared up. It made me more mindful of what I was eating. My mood was chill even during my period. No crazy mommy. I was very full even though I usually snack throughout the day. Priscilla G.

Lost weight and inches. Carlos

I'll write more after we've gotten the results.

In the meantime, Happy Easter; Passover and Spring




 One of IRSI's employees preparing bags of Breakfast Cookies and salmon for the 30 participants 

Susie's Smart Breakfast Cookies' Appearance in Woman's World Magazine

Posted on February 19, 2018 by Susie Allport | 1 Comment

In case you missed it, here is the full text of the article that appeared in November in Women's World Magazine. Please pass it on to anyone you think might be interested. On the basis of this article, many ordered Breakfast Cookies for the first time. Better yet, many have reordered them and have reported to us that the Breakfast Cookies really do help them to control their hunger! Please go to our website for more details on the Breakfast Cookie Diet.

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